When Should I Purchase Camping Equipment?

When Should I Purchase Camping Equipment?

The sport and camping equipment retail market size in Australia just keeps on growing. However, we won’t deny that camping gear can cost a lot of money – especially if you’re investing in quality gear. With  that said, it pays to consider the ideal time to shop for your outdoor supplies, so you can take advantage of the best discounts and deals whilst getting everything you need for your trip.

Below, we will go over some camping gear that you can usually find on sale during particular seasons or months. Make your way down the list and discover when you can get discounts on all the must-have items for your outdoor adventure! 


For most people, the camping season usually ends between autumn and the beginning of winter. So, if you’re planning on buying a tent, the prime time is when everyone else would rather stay indoors. Usually, retailers offer tents on clearance discounts around this time. 

Holiday sales also bring plenty of opportunities for shoppers to grab discounts. We recommend holding out for the big occasions within the year. This way, you can get the tent that you need at a discounted rate.

Camping Cookware

Camping cookware like racks and boilers usually go on sale when their demand wanes. Summer grilling tends to become less popular during the middle of the year, so these are the best months to be buying a gas grill. You should also look for cookware during the seasons when people tend to spend more time indoors, instead of attending outdoor parties or events.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping pads, beds and bags are critical to ensuring that you’ll have a comfortable sleep throughout your camping trip. During the summertime, winter sleeping pads and bags usually go on sale. Even if your outdoor adventure is months away, keep an eye out to make sure you’re buying them at their lowest price. Retailers also offer sleeping bags at discounted rates after the Christmas shopping season.


Are you planning on taking a hike? Perhaps you just want to collect interesting rocks during your outdoor trip? If so, you’ll need powered tools. June and December are usually the prime months for toolkit shopping. However, you can also go shopping for gear before September or Father’s Day. Retailers will often put toolkits on sale during this time because they can be a popular gift option for fathers. 


If you prefer front-country camping, you will appreciate the importance of having a fridge. The best time to buy one is usually around towards the end of the year. During this time, manufacturers tend to roll out new models. So, retailers end up reducing the price of their older stock to encourage people to sweep out their inventory. Manufacturers also organise promotions for new models during this month. If you prefer getting a fridge with the latest features, then you can opt for new releases.


A lot of people purchase boots from the early autumn towards the beginning of spring. However, in most cases, boots are offered at full prices during these seasons. The same concept applies to when people start buying shorts and shorts and swimwear when the weather warms up. So, when it gets hotter, you should try shopping for boots. If you’re lucky, you might find a pair that’s up to 70% off. Of course, it will take months before you use your boots. However, the discount you’ll get will be worth the wait.


Are you planning a rural adventure? If so, then you’ll be wanting a solid backpack for your outdoor adventures. If you’re after a specialised backpack built for camping specifically, you can keep an eye out for deals and discounts during the end of the year, when a lot of retailers tend to hold holiday specials. Alternatively, if you’re after a less specialised backpack, you can find plenty of options leftover from ‘Back to School’ specials, which typically occur during January and February.    


You can bring your adventure up a notch higher by going biking on your trip. Bikes usually have a long lifespan; although you should be aware that with a better quality bike comes a higher price tag. You can try buying a bike when retailers are trying to clear out their leftover summer stock, generally around February or March. Retailers usually try to clear their stocks from the summer season during these months. Besides, there are plenty of travel deals around this season. So, it’s not uncommon to find bikes at discounted rates.

Get Your Camping Gear at Reasonable Rates

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