7 Fun Camping Activities for the Whole Family

Fun Camping Activities for the Whole Famil

According to the Treasury department of the Australian Government, the caravan and camping industry is worth $23 billion. There are plenty of families, couples, and individuals out there who enjoy exploring the country and spending time outdoors. Now, if you’re camping with kids, you’ll have to put more effort into planning. After all, what’s supposed to be a fun experience can easily go south if you don’t prepare everything you need.

Australia provides endless opportunities for camping and outdoor exploration. If you’re travelling with kids, you need to keep them well occupied, and bringing gadgets defeats the whole purpose of spending time in nature. So, we’ve put together some fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

1. Campfire Stories

Going on a camping adventure is a great opportunity for reconnecting with your children. You can also treat it as the family’s digital sabbatical. We should warn you that your teenage kids may not embrace this idea wholeheartedly. Even so, if you give it a go, they will quickly realise the importance of giving their devices a rest and enjoying the outdoors from time to time.

You can gather around the campfire, kick it the old-school way, and share stories. There are plenty of websites that offer tales from different genres. You can share urban lore or even spooky stories to encourage the kids to go to bed early! By sharing stories around the campfire, you’re also making memories with your family.

2. Stargazing

When you’re out in nature at nighttime, you can easily take part in one of the most beautiful forms of entertainment: stargazing. With no building or city lights around, you can easily see the stars in the night sky; and all you have to do is look up!

You can bring the experience a notch higher for the kids by bringing printable star charts. There are also stargazing apps you can download to keep the teens on track. Setting up a telescope can also be a great way to create an interactive experience for everyone.

3. Geocaching Hunting

Do your kids love Easter egg hunting or hide and seek? If so, then you should try geocaching with them on your next camping trip. It combines the fun of hunting with technology. You’ll have to go to a geocaching website and register, then, you’ll get the exact longitude and latitude of a hidden “treasure” or cache in public property. 

You will find geocaches hidden around the world. So, if you’re planning to go hiking or camping in a popular family destination, then you’ll likely find a geocache there. To navigate through the area, you’ll need a GPS device and a trail map. Usually, you’ll find trinkets inside a container. There will also be a record of the people who have found the geocache. Don’t forget to replace the treasure for the next person who’s going to discover it!

Finding an actual cache can be exciting for the kids. However, the entire process of looking for it is even more fun. If you think this is something your whole family will enjoy, you should plan your trip around the geocache locations. This way, the searches will be part of your hike or picnic. Just don’t forget to bring camping furniture with you. This way, the kids can rest whenever they feel tired.

4. Tie-Dye Shirts

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a souvenir that will remind your family of your camping trip? Well, one of the memorable activities you can do is make tie-dye shirts at your campsite. You’ll need some basic supplies and plastic basins. With this activity, the entire family will have a blast designing their own souvenir tie-dye shirt.

You can choose your kids’ favourite colours. On the other hand, you can also opt for colours that are relevant to the place you’re visiting. These could be colours that represent local tourist attractions.

5. Making S’mores

Ever since the recipe for s’mores was published in the 1927 Girl Scout handbook, these sweet treats have become an indispensable part of every child’s camping experience. Your kids won’t say no to the classic, fire-roasted chocolate and marshmallows sandwiched between crunchy cookies. Don’t forget to pack the supplies before your camping trip!

Let your children toast their own marshmallows on sticks, but make sure to supervise them in order to avoid accidents. You can also bring other ingredients that will allow your kids to personalise their s’mores. For instance, before adding marshmallows and chocolate, they can smother peanut butter on their crackers. Or for another twist, switch out your milk chocolate for another variety that you enjoy. How about dark chocolate, mint chocolate or even caramel-filled chocolate?

6. Family Skits

Campfire stories are indeed fun and interesting. However, you can make the experience more interactive by letting other members of the family organise campfire skits. If you’re camping with multiple families, it would be great to divide people into groups. This way, smaller groups can perform for each other.

Before the trip, you can prepare prizes to recognise the efforts of everyone participating in the activity. You can give out silly awards like “best blunder,” “funniest laugh,” or “most outrageously dressed.” After all, the whole experience is about having fun and enjoying yourselves!

7. Dance Party

Before you go on your trip, you should compile a playlist containing songs that can get the entire family dancing. Get the dinner started early so you can have a family dance party. Let each family member teach others a dance step. Your teenage children will love this activity- especially if it gives them new content for their new TikTok videos!

Parents can also teach their kids old school dance trends from their generation. Some well-known favourites include the twist, the hustle, or even a classic line dance. However, make sure you wrap everything up before the quiet hours. This way, you won’t disturb other people at the campsite.

Get Everything Ready Before Your Trip

Whether you’re bringing your own RV or pitching a tent, make sure you’ve got all your supplies ready before your trip. Contact the nearest Supex stockist today to get everything you need for your family’s camping adventure!