The Write Up: Camping Country Superstore Warners Bay

“The camping shop where campers shop” – that pretty much sums up Camping Country Superstore Warners Bay!

Since 2001, Kevin has been serving up great products, first rate service and excellent advice to campers, caravanners and adventurers in the Greater Newcastle district. With over 20 years of personal experience, and 100+ years of combined experience across the team, they definitely live up to the “super” in their “store”.

The philosophy here is “knowledge and passion”, and that’s how they’ve become one of the largest independent camping stores in the district. CCWB is a truly independent (but still family-owned) camping and caravan accessory retailer, and they test all their equipment before recommending it customers. It’s a passion for caravanning and camping that really sets this team apart, because they believe that these adventures are about quality time spent with the quality people in your life.

Kevin and his team love tracking down Australian Made products, Australian companies and brands that fulfil a specialist niche. There’s no room in-store for products that won’t stand up to our tough environment and the demands of adventure seekers; everything must meet their high standards.

That’s why we’re honoured to be a supplier of Camping Country Warners Bay and thrilled to join them in sharing their expertise with the wider community.

Beautiful Warners Bay in northern NSW is a hub for water sports and outdoor activities, so next time you’re headed in that direction, we definitely recommend a stopover. Check out Lake Macquarie, refuel at the local cafes and stock up on essentials at Camping Country Superstore! 

Also, they have an online store here and they’re on Facebook.