We’ve delved into the histories of some of the most long-standing industry players on this blog, but today we’re going to talk to someone with a different story.

Ashmore’s Caravan Services has only been operating for 5 ½ years, but they’ve certainly made those years count. Having built the store and service yard up from scratch, the team at Ashmore’s have certainly got plenty to be proud about.

Although many people equate years of operation with quality of service, it’s not necessarily correct. Certainly not in the case of this store, anyway. The store and service yard may not be very old, but they’re backed up by years of experience and industry knowledge throughout the team.

The story starts in early 2018, when owner Sam took the leap of faith and opened up Ashmore’s Caravan Services. He could see that there was a need for something like this around the Pakenham area, and he wanted to provide the service. And in early 2019, the team at Supex were delighted to join them, supplying key caravan accessories to their store.  

They attribute their success to the incredible support of family, friends, and their wonderful customers. But can we just add in a word here? We think that a lot of their success also comes from the excellent service that they provide and dedication to their customers.

Since they opened, Sam has been joined by Adele and a whole host of other team members who are all just as passionate about the caravanning lifestyle. They go above and beyond to make your experience in their store and service centre a positive one, because they always want you to walk into a friendly environment and get the help you need.

Ashmore’s is a small family-run business, but they have a big range of accessories and big goals. They pride themselves on their customer service and quality service, and believe that once you’ve been to them, you won’t want to go to anywhere else!

Sam and Adele agree that it’s been an amazing five years, and they’re proud of their growth as a business. But they also make it very clear that as they’ve grown, the team at Ashmore’s has remained committed to creating a happy experience for all.

If you’re looking for genuine service and high-quality results, the team at Supex would definitely recommend calling into Ashmore’s Caravan Services.

You can see their address on the map below, and you’ll also find them on Facebook, Instagram and their website.