6 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping with Your Kids

6 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping with Your Kids

Camping trips provide an excellent opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy all the beautiful things that the natural environment has to offer. Camping is also a highly recommended experience for children as well. By going on a family camping trip, you can expose your children to new ideas, places, and ways of doing things. And along the way you’ll be able to create wonderful memories that they’ll never forget.

Here are 6 of the top reasons why you should go camping with your kids:

1. It Gets the Whole Family Outdoors

A lot of people would agree that kids spend way too much time indoors these days; however, parents are often guilty of that as well. Luckily, camping provides the perfect opportunity to get the whole family outdoors. As you’re probably already aware, the outside world offers a number of excellent health benefits for both children and adults. You can get your daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun and enjoy improved focus, reduced stress and reduced blood pressure from being immersed in natural surroundings.

2. Allows for Outdoor Education

A camping trip teaches a number of invaluable life lessons that children won’t be able to fully understand until they’re able to experience for themselves. For instance, by exposing your children to flora and fauna first-hand, you can teach them the importance of respecting the land and the animals that come with it. You can teach them which plants and wildlife are dangerous, and why leave-no-trace camping is so important for preserving natural ecosystems. It’s also the perfect opportunity for them to learn a number of integral survival tips, like how to navigate their way around the bush, or what to do if a snake approaches them.

3. It’s a Family Bonding Experience

Because of the busy nature of our daily lives, it can be hard to find time for family bonding experiences when parents are constantly away at work and children are away at school. As soon as everyone gets home, it’s a matter of cooking dinner, doing homework, winding down and ultimately, getting an early night. But going camping allows you to escape from all that. Instead, you’ll have an abundance of free time and minimal obligations. So, you can spend your trip participating in activities as a family that you normally wouldn’t have any free time to do.

4. There’s Multiple Opportunities for Exercise

Exercise is important for everyone, and it’s especially important to encourage physical activity from a young age. Luckily, camping offers multiple opportunities for exercise, and and that doesn’t have to mean exhaustingly strenuous either. Activities like hiking, snorkelling, kayaking, water-skiing and scavenger hunting all provide some degree of exercise; and your kids probably won’t even realise they’re breaking a sweat since they’ll be so captivated by their natural surroundings!

5. It Offers New Experiences

Your kids are probably well accustomed to playing on their consoles, seeing movies at the cinema or going shopping with their friends when they’re bored. But a camping trip will offer them entirely new experiences to enjoy; and best of all, they won’t be cramped up inside while they’re exploring and discovering. On your camping trip, you can take your kids to see stunning natural landmarks and encounter native wildlife they’ve only ever seen in photographs before. You can give them the chance to snorkel at beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters or see a clear night sky full of thousands of stars. The opportunities are virtually endless, and you’ll be uncovering a whole new world for your children that they’ve probably only ever heard about from others.

6. It Builds Integral Skills

Camping also provides children with an excellent opportunity to build integral skills and develop their values. You can teach them how to find a suitable campsite, set up tents and shelters, collect and chop firewood, start a fire, catch fish, prepare and cook meals, and much more. All the way through, you’ll also be teaching them the importance of being resourceful, minimising their environmental impact, and working together as a team.

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