6 Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old to Go Camping for the First Time

6 Reasons Why You’re Never Too Old to Go Camping

Many believe that camping is only for the young. In reality, it can be a fulfilling experience for people of all ages—even those in their golden years. At least once in your life, you should try it if you haven’t already. After all, camping provides you with the perfect opportunity to appreciate nature and the simpler way of living. With proper preparation, you can even embark on a solo camping adventure. Or, if you’re not much of a lonewolf,  it is the perfect way to escape on a family holiday with your grandchildren. Here are some of the many reasons why, even if you’ve seen a lot of years, you should try camping for the first time:

1. Breathe Fresh Air

When camping, you’re able to spend more time around trees, which allows you to take in more oxygen. There’s something satisfying about the refreshing air of a campground. Technically, that feeling of happiness when you take your first breath of fresh air is the initial release of serotonin due to the extra oxygen you’re inhaling. With plenty of fresh air to breathe in, your body will function with less strain. Spending more time outdoors can improve your digestion, immunity, and blood pressure. So, if you regularly take camping trips, you’ll be reaping the health benefits that come from low pollutant levels and extra oxygen.

2. Build Relationships

Some people prefer camping alone. However, if you’re going to try it for the first time, you should go with a loved one who’s more experienced in outdoor activities. When you camp with a friend or a family member, you have the opportunity to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Research published in the American Journal of Public Health revealed that when you socialise often, you’re prolonging your life and delaying memory problems. Of course, the added benefit is that you can strengthen your relationship with family members and friends. A study commissioned by the Caravan Industry of Australia revealed the following:

  • Compared to 63% of non-campers, 75% of campers feel closer to their children
  • Compared to 65% of non-campers, 85% of campers feel closer to their partners
  • 92% of campers believe the experience is fun for the whole family
  • 93% of campers believe camping brings families closer together

3. Get Moving

Another obvious benefit of camping is that you get to spend some time taking part in physical activities. Even if you’re just relaxing by the lake on a fishing trip, you’ll still be burning more calories than you would in front of the television. If you decide to go hiking, you’re also performing a cardiovascular exercise that will help keep your lungs and heart healthy. You can burn around 300 calories for every hour you hike. If you try fly fishing, you can burn up to 200 calories per hour.

4. Get that Sunshine

Instead of spending your weekends cooped up at your home, why not go camping and enjoy the bright sunshine? There’s scientific reasoning behind why sunshine feels great on the skin. When you expose yourself to the sun, you’re getting a ton of vitamin D. As a result, you’re allowing your body to absorb phosphorus and calcium, both essential minerals for your health.

5. Sleep Better

Are you having trouble getting quality sleep? If so, then you may want to try camping. A University of Colorado Boulder study found that you can reset your circadian rhythm (a.k.a body clock) via camping. Indeed, this can be a great help if you’re finding it difficult to wake up in the morning and sleep in the evening.

In our daily lives, we are mostly exposed to artificial light. When you go camping, you’re giving your body a chance to adjust to the natural light-dark cycle. With enough quality sleep, you’re giving yourself a chance to improve your overall well-being.

6. Have a Satisfying Meal

It’s hard to explain why food tastes better when you’re eating it outdoors. You will notice that ordinary, everyday meals are a lot more sensational when you’re out camping. When you cook your burger over an open flame, the flavours are also more intense. Aside from that, your stove-cooked s’mores will never compare to the ones you make over a bonfire.

Plan Your Trip Today

Going on a camping trip will give you plenty of moments to relax. Just imagine your first morning outdoors, as you take a sip of coffee whilst watching the beautiful sunrise. You won’t hear the noise of a bustling city, and you’ll be able to enjoy a simpler way of living. Of course, it pays to be prepared if you’re going out camping, and that means you’ll be needing all the proper camping equipment, tools and accessories. You need to prepare several items, including tents, furniture, cookware, and water containers, among many others. Luckily, we provide all the essentials here at Supex Products.

If you’re keen to start planning your camping trip, find your nearest Supex stockist today!