10 End-Of-Year Camping Gift Ideas

10 End-Of-Year Camping Gift Ideas

Looking for an end of year gift for your friends, family or employees? Well, if they love going on camping adventures, that’s really all you really need to know! There are plenty of camping gifts out there that guarantee to satisfy all the outdoor enthusiasts in your life. To save you the stress and hassle from jumping from shop to shop or website to website in search of the perfect gift, we’ve laid out a few winning ideas down below.

Here are 10 of our favourite camping gift ideas:

1. A Solid Beach Tent

Camping Beach Tent

Now that it’s December, summer is in full swing, so what better way to encourage beach outings on camping trips than by gifting your special someone a beach tent? With an easy set-up design and enough room for two people to laze about on the shore, it’s a simple yet highly convenient shelter to take with you on your next trip. Although it’s lightweight, expect our high-quality beach tents to provide impressive stability against a variety of weather conditions.

2. An Essential RV Levelling Block Set

RV Levelling Block Set

Know someone who has recently bought an RV? Give them one less essential to worry about when you give them an RV Levelling Block Set It’s one of the most fundamental items for stabilising parked RVs on a variety of different terrains. RV set-up is incredibly important to do correctly if you want to ensure that your mobile home is kept safe and secure when parked. With our highly customisable RV levelling block set, stabilising your RV will be easy and straightforward.

3. A Spacious Cooler

Cooler Bag

With plenty of room for refreshing beverages, cold ice creams, and other meals that need to be kept cold, transporting refreshing beverages and frosty treats during your adventures will be easier than ever. Our 25L Cooler Bag is the perfect present for that camper who loves cracking open a cold one.

4. A Fun Inflatable

Inflatable Rider

What better way to soak up the summer sun than by drifting around in a Single Seat Inflatable Rider? With a contoured back rest and cool mesh bottom, it’s a comfortable ride guaranteed. Plus, there’s provisions for a drink with an inbuilt cup holder; and with an ice-cold beverage in hand, you can enjoy lazing around on the water to the utmost.

5. A Versatile Dutch Oven

Camping Dutch Oven

We’re sorry, but if you’ve been living on low-effort snacks or premade meals during your camping trips, then you have no idea what the true camp food experience is like. Fortunately, with a Dutch Oven, you can easily turn this around. This is the perfect gift for the avid camper who also loves to cook up a good meal. Move over basic sandwiches and instant ramen, because hearty stews, soups, bakes and more are coming to take over the menu!

6. A Genius Jaffle Iron

Jaffle Iron

Jam-packed jaffles, gooey s’mores, crumpets, pikelets and other toasted treats are just a couple of minutes away for the lucky receiver of a Preseasoned Double Jaffle Iron. By gifting this to your special someone, you can grant them the ability to cook up two jaffles at once; and best of all, they can do it all without sacrificing the delicious crusts! Being so versatile and easy to use, a jaffle iron is sure to become a staple cooking utensil on your friend or family member’s future outdoor adventures.

7. An All-Purpose Camping Chair


Camping Chairs

One can never have enough camping chairs, especially since they’re so good for not only camping trips, but also picnics, barbeques, outdoor movie theatres and virtually any other outdoor event. At Supex Products, we carry a wide range of comfortable and durable camping chairs for all different shapes and sizes. So, no matter who you’re buying for, you can expect to find the perfect option amongst our range.

8. A Double Seat Boat Set

Inflatable Boat Set

Both kids and adults are bound to get a lot more out of their camping trips after being gifted a Double Seat Boat Set. Whether they want to paddle around, fish or simply relax in the water, this inflatable boat set will take their adventures on the water to the next level. It’s the ideal present for this summer!

9. A Game-Changing Camp Shower

Camp Shower

For many people, the lack of showers is one of the downsides of camping trips. Fortunately, you can turn this around for your special someone by gifting them a Camping Solar Shower. This will allow them to stay clean and hygienic throughout their adventure. All in all, it’s bound to make camping trips a lot more comfortable for them – especially when they have to get down and dirty for a lot of activities.

10. Peggy Peg Starter Pack

Peggy Peg Starter Pack

Need to say ‘thank you’ to the serious camper in your life? The Peggy Peg Starter Pack is the ultimate gift. It contains a bulk assortment of screw-in tent pegs fit for all sorts of campsites. With such a wide variety of tent pegs, plus plenty of room in the carry bag to store old pegs and tools, it’s the only pack they’ll ever need when setting up tents on camping trips.

Find the Perfect End of Year Gift at Supex Products

Want to get your hands on any of these camping gift ideas? Luckily, you can find them all at your local stockists of Supex Products! Built to be strong, durable, purposeful and long-lasting, our RV and camping equipment promises to make all your outdoor adventures easier and more enjoyable. Overall, they’re a great way to satisfy all the outdoor enthusiasts in your life, or, alternatively, add to your own collection of camping must-haves for future adventures!

To get your hands on any of our end-of-year camping gift ideas, head into your local Supex Products stockist today!