Top 5 Free Camping Sites in Victoria

Top 5 Free Camping Sites in Victoria

Camping is a great outdoor activity all year round. Whether going with family, friends or just on a solo trip, there’s nothing better than getting into the great outdoors for a bit of quality time with nature. Experienced campers and amateurs alike, everyone is constantly on the lookout for the best camping spots that Australia has to offer. If you’re a Victorian camper or travelling through on a road trip, then you’re in luck: here is our list of the top 5 free camping sites that Victoria has to offer.

1. Lerderderg Campground, Upper Chadwick Track

Lerderderg Campground Upper Chadwick Track

Number 1 on the list is the campsite in Lerderderg state park. This campground is dog friendly and has picnic tables, toilets and fireplaces, making it an ideal camping spot for families. This site is free to camp at and works on a first come, first serve basis.

This free campsite is known for its koala, kangaroo and wallaby sightings and numerous beautiful bush walking trails that feature grassland, forest, the Lerderderg river and the gorge; all of which can be explored on foot or in a 4WD. This campsite is truly a must-stay on your list of campsites if in Victoria. Note that campers should be prepared for a basic bush camping experience and be self-sufficient with their own drinking water.

2. Reeves Beach Campground, South Gippsland

Reeves Beach Campground South Gippsland

Reeves Beach campsite has been one of the best kept secrets in the camping and caravanning community, and now the cat’s out of the bag for you to enjoy too. This beautiful campsite presents the opportunity for coastal camping, an experience you have to check off your bucket list while camping in Victoria. You’ll find many trails leading you to 90 Mile Beach with a historic, accessible by boat only area, Bunga Arm campground, waiting to be explored.

This campsite is not powered and hosts no more than a drop toilet and a few picnic tables. You can say goodbye to mobile hotspots and electricity and say hello to the peace and solitude of the great outdoors. Be sure to pack everything you may need, from food and drinking water to energy sources and cooking gear! For some tips on what to bring for a short stay, check out our blog Camping needs checklist for your one night stay.

3. Landsborough Hill Campsite, Landsborough

The Landsborough Hill Nature Conservation Reserve is a beautiful, free campsite that presents the opportunity to go gold prospecting and bushwalking. If you’re looking to spend some time in the Victorian Goldfields, then this campsite is for you. There are many small clearings throughout the reserve, so there are plenty of spots to choose from. Oh, and don’t forget to take in the beautiful views of neighbouring Kara Kara National Park.

Keep in mind that this reserve is only accessible via 4WD as 2WD will have trouble handling the rough tracks and mountainous terrain. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t permitted and like most free campsites, Landsborough Hill is fully self-sufficient. So, bring everything you may need with you.

4. Sawpit Campground, Narrawong Forest

Sawpit campground is a pet-friendly, easily accessible camping spot ideal for families or larger groups, located in Mount Clay State Forest. If you’re looking for a campground with views, then Sawpit is for you. There are heaps of hiking and bushwalking trails along that can lead you to stunning ocean views along with many kangaroo, wallaby and echidna sightings.

This free campsite has plenty of picnic tables and designated areas along with facilities for campers/caravanners to enjoy including; drop toilets, BBQ, fire pits, tables and chairs, Shaded sites. Planning to take the kids with you this trip? Read some helpful tips from our blog, Seven tips for camping with Kids.

5. Frosty Hollow Camping Area, Errinundra National Park

Get away from everyone and spend some time outdoors via unsealed tracks into the park. This campsite offers the basic facilities of drop toilets and that’s about it. The campgrounds are surrounded by tall ferns and ancient eucalyptus trees with a river flowing nearby that you can treat first to make it satisfactory for drinking.

If you’re looking for a quiet spot where you can really enjoy nature with minimal distractions, this stunning location is just for you.

Planning a camping trip? Make sure you’re prepared and packed with all the essentials to ensure you have an amazing trip. The friendly team at Supex Products are happy to help with any of your camping needs, so give us a call or browse our extensive range of high quality camp gear online.