Top 10 Fishing Spots in Victoria

Top 10 Fishing Spots in Victoria

Looking for the best places to cast a line in Victoria? Whether you’re itching for an exclusive fishing trip or are looking for some places to visit as a part of your camping itinerary, we have a few great spots for you to try:

1. Albert Lake

Albert Lake

Located in Port Phillip, Albert Lake provides visitors with a picturesque fishing spot, perfect for catching trout, carp and perch, all whilst taking in the stunning views of the city skyline. If you don’t want to stray too far from the CBD, Albert Lake is a great fishing location to try.

2. Altona Pier

Altona Pier

No matter what time of year you choose to visit Altona Pier, you can expect to find white flatheads and bream. During the summer, you’ll find snapper and whiting. The pier is calm, cool, and the perfect place to stretch your legs on a nice walk by the shore.

3. Lakes Entrance

Lakes Entrance

Aside from being an all-around fantastic holiday destination, the coastal town of Lakes Entrance also offers anglers with plenty of opportunities for securing a great catch. If you’re going during peak season (September to April), we recommend going fishing in the evening or early morning if you want to avoid the crowds.

4. Patterson River

Patterson River

Patterson River is undeniably one of the most popular fishing spots close by to Port Phillip- and for good reason. Stocked with an abundance fish, from bream to salmon to mullet, flounder, flathead, mulloway and more, it’s a great spot to target a heap of different species.

5. Brimbank Park

Brimbank Park

Brimbank Park has got it all: picnic tables, BBQs, shared trails, wetlands, grasslands, and most importantly, fishing spots a plenty. Carp and redfin here are known to grow to enormous sizes!

6. Yarra Bend Park

Yarra Bend Park

When fishing at Yarra Bend Park, you can expect to find carp, redfin, eels and estuary perch. And if you get tired of casting a line, there are plenty of other activities to pursue, whether it’s boating, canoeing, team sports, orienteering, bird watching and just enjoying the view.

7. Barwon Heads Beach

Barwon Heads Beach

Barwon Heads is a great place to fish during the colder months, with plenty of different places to set your beach chairs down and cast a line. Here, you can expect to find whiting, squid, salmon, mulloway, snapper and more.

8. Jubilee Lake

Jubilee Lake

At Jubilee Lake, there’s plenty of rainbow trout and redfin to be caught. If you’re camping with kids or are just planning on bringing them along for the fishing trip, you won’t have to worry about keeping them entertained; there’s an oval, playground, free wi-fi, picnic areas and a delicious café nearby to satiate their hunger.

9. Diamond Creek

Diamond Creek

Some of the most popular species found in the Diamond Creek stream include the common carp, mirror carp, and brown trout. Just be wary of snakes when visiting the area- especially during the warmer months!

10. Anglesea


Whether you’re going there just to fish or to experience a relaxing beach camping holiday, Anglesea offers spectacular scenery with its white, sandy beaches, towering cliffs and native wildlife. Cast a line at this gorgeous beach, and you’ll be in for everything from salmon, whiting and snapper to gummy shark, flathead and much more!

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