Installation Guide: Curved Roof Rafters

We’ve all been there: enjoying a holiday in your caravan, only to be caught in a storm or rain shower, leaving everything wet. You wake up, step outside, and find your caravan awning weighed down by a pool of water.


Why Does This Happen?

Is it safe? No, it’s not. This happens because an awning naturally sags, creating a perfect collection point for rainwater. This not only poses a risk for those caravanning but can also damage your awning. And we certainly don’t want that, do we? No.


The Solution: Curved Roof Rafters

The best way to avoid this is to “not get wet,” but while that’s ideal, it’s not always possible. So, what do we recommend? A curved roof rafter. 


These rafters help prevent the natural sag and water pooling, ultimately preserving the condition of your awning and extending its lifespan.

What You Need to Know

How Many Rafters Do You Need?

The number of rafters required depends on the length of your awning. Here’s a guide to ensure your awning is adequately curved, without being over- or under-curved:

Awning length 3m or smaller (11ft or smaller): 1 Rafter Recommended

Awning length 3.5m – 5m (12ft – 17ft): 2 Rafters Recommended

Awning length 5.5m – 6.5m (18ft – 21ft): 3 Rafters Recommended

Awning length 7m or longer (22ft or longer): 4 Rafters Recommended

If you’re still unsure, your local caravan repairer or dealer can help you measure your awning and determine the best solution for you.

What Size Do You Need?

We offer two different curve sizes so you can customize your setup. The slight curve has an offset of 25-35mm at full extension, while the acute curve has an offset of 65-75mm at full extension.

Installing the Curved Roof Rafter

You’ll Need:

– Your CRR set (includes the rafter and the bracket with two screws)

– Drill

– Drill bit (spigot diameter)


  1. Prepare the Awning: Fully roll out the awning and ensure the awning roller is set to open.
  2. Measure the Awning: Measure from fabric end to fabric end. Based on this measurement, determine the spacing of your rafters. For two rafters, divide the fabric length by three for even distribution. For four rafters, divide by five.
  3. Mark Measurements: Mark these measurements with a pencil or pen for easy reference during installation.
  4. Attach the Bracket: Attach the provided bracket to the van wall, approximately 20-25mm below the awning fabric, using the provided screws.
  5. Drill the Hole: Drill a 10mm (3/8″) hole in the awning roller bar approximately 20mm down from the underside of the fabric attachment point.
  6. De-burr the Hole: De-burr the drill hole to protect your awning fabric.
  7. Put rafter into place: The spigot end goes on the roll-out awning, and the hook end is inserted into the bracket on the van side. 

By following these steps, you’ll ensure your awning is secure and free from the risk of water pooling, allowing you to enjoy your caravan holidays without worry.