Behind The Scenes: Our Brand Refresh

For 50 years, our family’s love for the great outdoors has driven Supex, a brand born from our genuine passion to equip fellow adventurers with top-notch gear.

Our story began when Grandpa bought a metal fabrication company in Sydney in ’73. Combining his passion for adventure with a desire to enhance the lives of other outdoor enthusiasts, he swiftly built the business into one of Australia’s top camping, RV and caravan brands.

His ethos was simple: share the very creations crafted for his own adventures with likeminded lovers of the outdoors so they could enjoy them too. It worked pretty well, too (if we do say so ourselves!) but three generations later, we’ve developed, and we need to look like it.

Looking forward to the next fifty years

To look forward we needed to first look back. So, we tapped into our roots, spending time together to talk about who we are (and who we aren’t), where we want to go, and what it is that we love about what we do. Here’s what we figured out:

Who we are – trusted advice-givers, cheerleaders, committed.

Who we aren’t – exaggerators, know-it-alls.

Where we want to go – anywhere in Australia, as long as the people are good and the gear is tough.

What we love about what we do – the way camping / caravanning / RVing brings together all ages and stages for a good time.

Before and After. We're so pleased with the result!

And while we’d like to take the credit for our snazzy new look and feel, we can’t really. It all comes from you: the people who use and love our gear. The experts at the Tiny Hunter agency helped us figure that out, coming up with a refreshed brand that’s new and familiar at the same time.

Now based in Goulburn, NSW, Supex is still proudly Australian owned and operated. We’re here to make exploring the outdoors easier and more fun for everyone, whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned adventurer. From custom-made caravan starter packs to everyday camping must-haves, our range is available direct to you or through trusted retailers across Australia, New Zealand and abroad.

Experience your everywhere. A lifetime of adventure. Find your path.

That’s what we believe.

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