7 Essential Tips for Caravanning in Australia

7 Essential Tips for Caravanning in Australia

Not all of us are cut out for the rough and rugged nature of camping in the great outdoors- and that’s totally okay! If you can’t bear to part with certain luxuries of the modern world (like tucking into a comfortable bed and having an actual roof over your head) but still want to explore the Australian outback, caravanning is definitely the way to go about it.

If you’re new to caravanning, we’d recommend checking out these 7 essential tips for caravanning in Australia:

1. Make Sure Your Caravan is Safe and Secure

Before you hit the road, it’s essential for you to make sure that your caravan is safe and secure. This means outfitting your caravan with all the right hardware (for instance, making sure that the jockey wheel is fitted and that your tyres are in good condition) closing all drawers, cabinets and securing loose items inside, and locking all doors and windows. Don’t forget to double check that your caravan lights are working as well. You don’t want to be that person that catches other drivers by surprise when they brake or change lanes without seemingly any warning.

2. Head Off Early

Whether you’re going camping or caravanning, it’s always best to get an early night so that you can head off early the next day. Not only will you beat the busy traffic; you’ll also be able to get to your campsite quicker, set up and get the ball rolling for the remainder of your trip.

3. Remember Your Water Filter

You can never be fully sure of the water quality at some campsites, so it’s always a good idea to bring a water filter along. Of course, it’s always best to stock up on water before you get to your campsite. Rather than buying packs of disposable plastic water bottles, consider buying large plastic water containers that you can fill up and reuse again and again.

4. Establish a Solid Set Up and Pack Up Routine

If there’s one thing caravanning (or even camping, for the matter) teaches you, it’s the importance of working together as a team. Whether you’re going caravanning with friends or family members, it’s a good idea to designate specific jobs to certain people so that you can set up or pack up the caravan as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can assign different people with the responsibility of unhitching the caravan, making it level, hooking up gas, water and power (if available), putting up the antenna, opening up all the windows, etc.

5. Consider a Fridge Upgrade

If you go caravanning the first few times and enjoy it, then you might want to consider getting a fridge upgrade later on down the road. Fridge upgrades make longer caravanning trips a whole lot easier and cheaper. Moreover, it provides plenty of opportunities for you to cook delicious meals when you’re not out exploring or participating in other outdoor activities. With a larger fridge, you will be able to store more ingredients for cooking heartier, healthier meals rather than buying food when you’re out. A larger fridge will also leave more room for containers of premade food. So, if you want to save a little bit of time by meal-prepping beforehand, you can do so.

6. Drive Slow

Getting stuck behind one a caravan on the road is probably one of your worst nightmares. However, there’s a reason why people with caravans drive so slowly, and that’s because towing such a large and bulky load is no easy task. You’ve got to take it nice and easy and adhere to the road rules if you want to avoid causing an accident or burning up excessive amounts of fuel. Especially when you’re first getting started, you have to make sure that you’re driving with care.

7. Consider a Heater for Trips in Winter

Sometimes, insulating your caravan and layering on warm clothing just doesn’t cut it. If you don’t do well with the cold, consider getting a heater installed to your caravan for more comfortable trips during the winter. A heater will make it easier for you to get the most out of your caravan, by going on trips all year-round.

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