Top 5 Free Camping Sites in New South Wales

Free Camping Sites in New South Wales

You will never run out of epic camping spots in New South Wales. The best part is that some of these places let you stay for free. There are even pet-friendly camping grounds. So, you can bring your four-legged friends with you.

If you want an affordable weekend getaway, you should check out these free camping sites in New South Wales. There are also plenty of fun activities to do—from hiking and swimming to fishing and bird watching. Now, before you embark on your adventure, make sure you review the announcements on park closures and fire bans via the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services.

Once you’ve done that, you can check out these top 5 free camping sites in New South Wales.

1. Bendeela Recreation Area

Set in natural bushland on the banks of Kangaroo River, this free campsite is two hours away from Sydney. So, it is the perfect place to visit for a weekend camping getaway. What’s more, since the campground is on the banks of a river, it is perfect for launching your kayaking adventure. You can begin kayaking here to explore nearby Morton National Park.

Keep in mind that this recreational area is managed by WaterNSW. As such, you should check out their website to see if you need to schedule your visit. There is plenty of grass and shady trees in the large campgrounds of Bendeela. What’s more, the area is set against the background of the surrounding valley.

Keep in mind that there is no power in any of the sites here. You’ll find drinking water, a dump point, and toilets. However, there are no campfires or showers around. It’s also worth noting that the open and spacious reserve welcomes all sorts of wildlife. So, during your stay, you’ll likely see wombats and kangaroos.

Bandeela can also be a great starting point for exploring attractions in Kangaroo Valley. You can set base here and visit Fitzroy Falls, Manning Lookout, and Cambewarra Mountain Lookout. You can also take a gastronomic adventure in the foodie town of Bettie.

Before you visit the area, make sure you book online. After all, there is a limit to the number of sites you can reserve. While staying on the campgrounds is free, you will have to pay a $6 online booking fee. Even if you don’t plan on staying for the night, you can still spend a day here for leisurely walks and picnics.

2. Newnes Campground

Located in World Heritage Wollemi National Park, Newnes Campground is perfect for those who want to camp against a backdrop of spectacular nature views. When you set base here, you will be surrounded by the Wolgan River, eucalyptus trees and sandstone cliffs.

When you visit this free campsite, you’ll have access to toilets and barbeque facilities. You do not have to pay fees for pitching your tent. Once you’ve set up your camp, you can head out and explore tunnels, tracks, and the nearby ruins of historic shale oil. You can also cool off by taking a relaxing dip in the river. The luminous Glow Worm Tunnel is another attraction close to Newnes Campground. So, there are plenty of activities to do here.

3. Coxs Creek Campground

If you prefer staying in a tranquil campground within a forest, you should visit Coxs Creek Campground within Coolah Tops National Park. When you get here, expect unpowered and unmarked sites. The area is surrounded by interesting trails, including the Coxs Creek fire trail.

You can also spot abundant wildlife in this area, including red wattlebirds, sulphur-crested cockatoos, kookaburras, blue rems, and crimson rosellas.

4. Rocky Creek Glacial Area

Rocky Creek Glacial Area Camping Site

South-west of stunning Bingara, you’ll find the freedom camp of Rocky Creek Glacial Area. It is just a few metres away from the road to Narrabri, making it quite accessible.

Rocky Creek Glacial Area is a 290-million-year-old volcanic remnant. It is a geological wonderland filled with cool water holes and rock pools. When you want to relax while enjoying the great outdoors, this can be a great spot for you to explore.

When you explore the Narrabri Shire, you will find Sawn Rocks. There are stunning rock formations here that look like a tall wall of organ pipes. Sawn Rocks also has a picnic area with shelters. You can also expect toilets and barbeque facilities here. Go to Dawsons Spring and Bark Hut in the middle of the national park to find the camping areas.

5. Mystery Bay

Mystery Bay Camping Site

On the south coast of New South Wales, you will find the beach campsite of Mystery Bay. Located 15 minutes south of Narooma, this area is about 4.5 hours away from Sydney. If you like to set camp by the beach, this is one of the best spots you can choose. There are tall trees near the campsites, which are also a short walk down to the water.

Expect unpowered sites, cold showers, and pit toilets when you get to Mystery Bay. Narooma is the nearest town where you can purchase supplies. However, you can also get what you need from Central Tilba.

If you’re familiar with the many beaches in the area, you will also love Mystery Bay. The sparkling, turquoise water sets the perfect background for the lovely white sand beach. You can go for a cooling dip, try boogie boarding, or cast your fishing rod here.

If you want to explore the area, Mystery Bay can be a great basecamp for you. See the local stingrays and seals while you cruise to Montague Island. You can also have fun strolling along the main street of Greater Tilba. Don’t forget to try the ice cream and cheese from Bodalla Dairy.

While Mystery Bay is technically not a free campsite, it offers the lowest fees. You can spend as low as $5.50 per person, per night here.

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