5 of the Most Popular Spots to Park Your Caravan in Western Australia

5 of the Most Popular Spots to Park Your Caravan in Western Australia

If you want to escape from the humdrum of city life, Western Australia has more than a few gems to offer you sanctuary. Here, you can relax under a star-filled sky, enjoy prehistoric scenery, or wake up to the sound of the ocean. Indeed, Western Australia boasts one of the most diverse varieties of landscapes in the country, so opportunities for caravan adventures are virtually endless. There are station stays, 5-star caravan parks and camping sites that are sure to suit everyone’s taste. What’s more, you can visit Western Australia year-round, because there are a number of spots to be enjoyed no matter what the season may be.

Here are the top 5 spots to park your caravan in WA.

1. Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay

A two-hour drive north of Perth, Jurien Bay is situated by the beach and offers access to seaside jetties, cafes, and a kid’s playground. The clear blue water and the white sand beach offer plenty of activities, including surfing, swimming and fishing. Heading north from Jurien Bay, you’ll find Green Head, where the protected Dynamite Bay is located. Make sure you explore this area because it’s a great spot for snorkelling and swimming. What’s more, The Pinnacles are also nearby, and if you’re travelling with kids, they’ll enjoy venturing amongst the stunning limestone formations. It’s especially picturesque during sunrise and sunset, where the shadows are long and the colours are rich.

2. Moore River

Moore River

Half an hour away from the Swan Valley, you can escape to the secluded yet wonderful Moore River. It’s famous for its beautiful walking trails and natural attractions, making it a relaxing oasis on the coastline of Western Australia. There are plenty of things to do here, including hiking, fishing, walking, canoeing and river cruising. You can stay at Guilderton Caravan Park, which is conveniently located at the mouth of Moore River. Your trip will also be comfortable because the spot has showers and camp kitchens. And when the weather warms up, you’re only a few steps away from a refreshing swim in the river.

3. Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park

Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park

Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park might be three hours away from Perth, but it is a popular spot for both visitors and locals alike. You’ll love the fresh grass-covered camping spots and well-maintained facilities. The showers and camp kitchens here guarantee a comfortable and pleasurable experience. You can use the fire pits for free, but make sure you bring your own firewood. Remember that the nights can get cold even in summer, so a bonfire and warm clothing are must-haves. During the day, there’s the Diamond Tree for kids to climb (with a viewing platform at the top), the Donnelly River to explore and Truffle & Wine Co. to get your gourmet goodies from.

4. Honeymoon Pool

Honeymoon Pool

Collie was once a coal-mining town, but it is now a thriving community that features both natural and urban attractions. It is also home to one of the best caravan parking sites in Western Australia—Honeymoon Pool. If you’re seeking serenity, this forest-surrounded natural pool offers a slice of paradise for you. Now, if you’re after adventure, make sure you bring your mountain bike with you to tackle the trails within the Collie region. You can also swing by Black Diamond Lake to canoe or swim while marvelling at the natural beauty of the lush forest. For shady camping spots and powered sites, park your caravan at Potters George by Wellington Dam or Collie Caravan Park.

5. Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

Fifteen kilometres north of Augusta, you will find Hamelin Bay surrounded by leafy peppermint trees. This caravan park is just a stone’s throw away from the beach. In winter, you’ll be allowed to use a fire pit, but you can also use one of the free gas barbecues if you need to. There’s also a well-equipped camp kitchen and perfectly maintained ablution blocks. For a memorable photo, you can pose on the iconic, rustic wooden beams of a long-gone jetty that used to stretch out from the beach.

If you’re lucky, visiting stingrays may even make an appearance. Other attractions nearby include the lighthouse in Augusta, Boranup Forest, Margaret River and more. Kids will remain entertained at the playgrounds while you visit local wineries.

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