5 of the Most Popular Spots to Park Your Caravan in NSW

5 of the Most Popular Spots to Park Your Caravan in NSW

Even though travelling overseas is off the cards right now, there will always be the ‘oldie but a goodie’ adventure—a caravan holiday in our very own backyard. Of course, there are so many beautiful sights to see in Australia, especially in the rural and coastal towns of New South Wales. There are both eco-luxe havens on the beach and family-friendly campsites to park your caravan. In this post, we’ve compiled five of the most popular spots to park your caravan in NSW.

1. Coolah Tops National Park

Coolah Tops National Park

Coolah Tops National Park boasts crystal cascades and a vast wilderness of stringybark forests. Located four hours west of Newcastle, this spot’s top trails and great camping entice plenty of travellers. Despite the steep appearance of the Warung Plateau, any conventional vehicle and rig can still climb it. Once you reach the top, set your base at The Barracks, an area that provides a shady circle of caravan-friendly and spacious campsites.

You don’t have to deal with fees or time limits when you park your caravan at Coolah Tops National Park. What’s more, you can enjoy facilities like picnic tables, fireplaces, and wheelchair-accessible toilets. There are plenty of water sources too—you can boil up water from the stream or go to the rainwater tank to fetch some drinking water. Aside from the beautiful scenery and landscape, you’ll also find great mobs of eastern grey kangaroos and red-necked wallabies. If you want to know more about Coolah Tops National Park, be sure to check out NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

2. Blowering Reservoir

Blowering Reservoir

You will find Blowering Reservoir 17km south of Tumut, on the western edge of Kosciuszko National Park. Here, you can park your rig on a foreshore campsite and cast your fishing rods. Most anglers find success here because the area is stocked with Golden Perch, Murray cod, Brown Trout, and Redfin. Blowering Reservoir isn’t just anglers, though. This substantial waterway is surrounded by trails where you can take leisurely walks while spotting the native wildlife. It’s calm waters welcome plenty of swimmers, sailors, kayakers, and water skiers. On the grassy shores of the reservoir, you will also find eastern grey kangaroos. Meanwhile, you will find noisy flocks of crimson rosellas and gang-gang cockatoos in the woodlands.

There are five free campgrounds near Blowering Reservoir. If you’re a bushwalker or if you have a small rig, an excellent choice for you is Log Bridge Creek. On the other hand, the boat ramp at The Pines campground is ideal for water skiers. If you’d prefer parking your caravan in a more peaceful area, you should try Yolde Campground. Wherever you choose to go, the scenery will be beautiful.

3. Morton National Park

Morton National Park

Alongside the famous south coast of New South Wales is the awe-inspiring sandstone wilderness of Morton National Park. At the southeast corner, you’ll find bushwalking trails that will lead you through stunning gullies and beneath turpentine trees. But don’t give up the challenge, because your efforts will be rewarded. When you reach the end, stunning waterfalls cascade over the edge of the sheer escarpments.

If you’re based at one of Ulladalla’s holiday parks, you can take the scenic drive overlooking the beautiful peaks of the Budawang Wilderness. On your way, stop at the Clyde River and try your hand at catching bass, or explore the weather collection of cottages in the town of Old Brooman. Or do both – it’s your adventure, after all!

4. Khancoban Lakeside Caravan Park

Khancoban Lakeside Caravan Park

You will find the family-owned Khancoban Lakeside Caravan Park 13km’s north of the NSW/VIC border and in the foothills of the renowned Snowy Mountains. If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a relaxing country getaway, you can park your caravan here. All year-round, you’ll find plenty of things to do and so much to see. Khancoban Lakeside Caravan Park’s campsites are very spacious. You can expect plenty of room for your camper, and you can even bring a boat along.

Many of the campsites have lake views and an area where you can relax by a fire pit. It’s a family-friendly caravan park, so everyone can enjoy outdoor activities. What’s more, Khancoban Lakeside Caravan Park is a stone’s throw away from towns that boast a rich history and delicious country-style food and wine.

5. Diamond Head Campground

If you’ve been searching for the best places to park your caravan in NSW, then you’ve probably heard of Diamond Head Campground. A quick Google search will reveal the abundance of positive reviews and ratings past visitors have left for this insanely popular campsite- and rest assured, they’re all there for a very good reason.

Situated right by the beach, Diamond Head Campground boasts excellent amenities such as toilets, showers, picnic tables and more, making it a convenient and pleasurable stay for both new and experienced caravanners alike. There’s a number of beautiful hiking trails nearby (which are definitely best explored during dawn or dusk) and if you play your cards right, plenty of wildlife to encounter and take photos of.

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