Black plastic tri-glide for canvas repair industry or camping replacement.

Having replacement tri-glides on hand is essential if you want to guarantee a comfortable camping or hiking trip. Made from quality materials, these won’t give way easily and will ensure that your backpack’s straps are easily adjustable all the time.

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Available in 19mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm.
Made with quality black acetal plastic, rust, and corrosion-resistant, unlike metal.
Enables backpack and other canvas straps to be adjusted.
Also great for securing loosely hanging webbing to prevent flapping.

Manufactured in China

CODE Sizes
66C 19mm – tri-glide – bulk
66CP Hang sell (4 per bag)
66D 25mm – tri-glide – bulk
66DP Hang sell (4 per bag)
66E 38mm – tri-glide – bulk
66EP Hang sell (2 per bag)
66F 50mm – tri-glide – bulk
66FP Hang sell (2 per bag)


We can design and insert your own dealership logo into the starter pack.

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