Zinc coated steel spigot threaded for easy adjustment.

Your tent poles and spreader bars are useless without having the compatible mounting accessories on hand.
Having a couple of these threaded spigots handy in your kit, you can be assured that your tent poles can be erected securely, and you are prepared if you need any replacements.



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Threaded tent pole spigots with wingnuts are designed to hold down awnings, annexes, and tarps.
Manufactured with hi-tensile steel, gold zinc plated to last longer in salty environments and withstand constant exposure to outdoor elements.

Manufactured in Australia

4 x 19mm

38UT Threaded spigot – fits 19mm tube – bulk
38UTP Hang sell (2 per bag)
38WT Threaded spigot – fits 22mm tube – bulk
38WTP Hang sell (2 per bag)
38XT Threaded spigot – fits 25mm tube – bulk
38XTP Hang sell (2 per bag)


We can design and insert your own dealership logo into the starter pack.

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