CODE: 564TS | 564VS | 564WS

Roof Rail with T-nut and spigot end, includes bracket.

Ensure you have a safe and secure campsite by using premium, Australian made roof rails. These roof rails are made from high quality galvabond steel to enhance strength and longevity making them perfect for supporting most campsite structures. The rails include a spigot inserted into the end to span across awnings. The bracket is included for easy mounting to your caravan or trailer.

‘- Premium grade roof rails with spigot perfect for most campsite structures such as tents, tarps, awnings, caravans, and gazebos – Galvabond steel assuring strength and longevity – Corrosion resistant despite constant exposure to outdoor elements – Includes roof rail bracket for a quick and easy mount to the side of caravan, RV or motorhome – Includes spigot inserted into end to span across awning and mount securely and easily to caravan/trailer side wall Manufactured in Australia 564TS | 19-22mm dia. x 0.9WT – max. 243cm (8’) – spigot end | Collapsed length: ~143cm 564VS | 19-22mm dia. x 0.9WT – max. 274cm (9’) – spigot end | Collapsed length: ~156cm 564WS | 19-22mm dia. x 0.9WT – max. 305cm (10’) – spigot end | Collapsed length: ~173cm