Four piece set of brass hose fittings.

Offering a more robust and reliable alternative to plastic and PVC pipe hose fittings, this is what you need to connect your hose to your tap easily. There’ll be no more trouble with the fitting “popping off” and the days of leaks at the hose connection are over!

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‘- Can be quickly joined to other compatible hose fittings for a secure, heavy-duty connection
– Quick connect/release “snap-on” feature you can hear when firmly attached
– Grooved non-slip grip so you can get a firm hold when it’s wet
– Weather-proof and corrosion resistant
– Includes connectors with steel lock-on balls
– Includes tap adaptor that fits 19mm or 25mm taps
– Manufactured using premium grade materials

Manufactured in China

Suits 12mm hose

Set includes:
1 x 12mm (1/2”) brass hose connector
1 x 12mm (1/2”) brass hose connector with shut-off valve
1 x 19mm – 25mm (3/4” – 1”) brass tap adaptor
1 x 10cm (4”) brass spray nozzle