CODE: EL10 | EL15 | EL20

Orange 15amp heavy-duty extension lead, ideal for RV and Caravan usage. Available in three lengths.

You can’t expect a good, constant supply of power to your RV without a reliable caravan lead! Heavy-duty design features guarantee a steady provision of power and lighting despite your remote location and you won’t be left in the dark unnecessarily!

‘- Flexible extension lead with 1-1.5mm core thickness; 15amp, 240V – Heavy duty casing eliminates risk of exposed cables – Orange lead for high visibility – Safety LED illuminated socket to indicate that power is present – Ideal for caravans or high current equipment. – Fully compliant with Australian Electrical Safety Standards Manufactured in China EL10 | 10m length EL15 | 15m length EL20 | 20m length