6 Underrated but Useful Camper Trailer Accessories

Camper Trailer Accessories

There’s an incomparable and exhilarating feeling whenever you hit the road for a camping trip. However, most adventurers have experienced getting to the campsite and realising they left some essential items. So, before you drive away, let’s look at some of the underrated yet useful accessories you can bring for your camper trailer.  

1. Water Filter

It’s common for campers to underestimate the amount of water they should bring to their trip. Thankfully, there’s always a solution for this.

As long as you’ve chosen a location near some source of freshwater, a water purification system will save the day. Using gravity and a micron filter, water purification systems eliminate chemicals, debris, dirt and heavy metals from the water. A simple set-up ensure you can still enjoy your holiday – with peace of mind your drinking water is safe. 

2. Drinking Water Hose

Another underrated yet useful trailer accessory is a drinking water hose. You can use it to hook into a water source. So, whether you’re at a campsite or a resort, you can quickly fill your tank before you drive away.

When choosing a drinking water hose for your camper trailer, we recommend getting one approved by the TGA. Our non-toxic, polyethylene water hose is approved to AS/NZS 4020 standards, and comes with a non-taint design, eliminating tastes and odours. We’ve put durability at the forefront of our design – so you don’t have to worry about the risk of leaking or bursting hoses. 

3. Levelling Ramps

Do you notice items falling or rolling in your camper trailer while parked? If so, it’s probably because your trailer needs to be levelled correctly. Solve this problem by using heavy-duty levelling ramps.

Supex’s dual axle levelling ramps act as chock blocks that you can install between two axles. While they are lightweight, they are durable enough not to break or crack. They’re also UV resistant and rustproof to ensure longevity.

4. Outdoor Mat

Keeping the interior of your camper trailer clean can be challenging, especially when you’re staying in a muddy area. To keep your trailer tidy, purchase an outdoor mat – protecting your inside space from mud, sand and dirt. You’ll find mats in various sizes, and we suggest choosing one big enough to cover the entire area under your canopy tent or trailer awning, It’s an easy way to keep your outdoors living space and feet clean!

5. Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

A collapsible dish drainer provides convenience and practicality in any RV or campsite. Unlike regular dish drainers, a collapsible style drainer saves space and is easy to store. Tuck it away whilst travelling, and quickly set it up when you arrive at your camp to enjoy the luxury of having a secure place for clean dishes and cutlery.

6. Power Block

Let’s face it; you would need more power storage capacity than a solar power bank can give. We recommend bringing a portable power block with you.

You can charge mini-coolers, laptops, and other electronic devices with a power block. If you’re planning to go on an off-road adventure, ensure you invest in a durable one.

For example, Supex’s safety power block comes with a heavy-duty plastic casing. So, you can ensure that it will stay strong even when driving through the roughest terrains in Australia.

This power block also has a built-in RBCO that provides overload protection to reduce the risk of electrocution. It is reliably safe, especially since it is fully compliant with AS/NZS-3190 and AS/NZS-3001 standards.

Your Trip Will Determine the Things You Will Pack

When going on a camper trailer trip, you need to be careful when choosing the essentials to pack. Of course, you’ll need more items aside from your trailer.

If planning to park somewhere and then go hiking or camping, you must consider how far you can carry your load. Doing so will help you determine what counts as essential.

If you need help deciding what to buy, look for the nearest Supex stockist. Our friendly sales team will be glad to answer all your questions and help you get the best value for your money.