UPRIGHT TENT POLES T Nut – with square c-clip

UPRIGHT TENT POLES T Nut - with square c-clip

Extension pole – T Nut – with square c-clip

The key to a stable and sturdy campsite setup is with quality, Australian made poles.
Once your structure is errected with these then you’re structure will remain rigid and free of water pooling regardless of the weather conditions.
These extension poles are built to endure the rigours of the rugged outback and won’t let you or your campsite down.



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Supports ridge poles.
Galvanaised Steel assuring strength and longevity.
Corrosion resistant despite constant exposure to outdoor elements.

Manufactured in Australia

19-22mm diam x 0.9wt  with square C clip one end

CODE Sizes
564DSQC Max. 228cm (7’6”) sq. clip end
564BSQC Max. 243cm (8’) sq. clip end
564ESQC Max 274cm (9’) sq. clip end
564FSQC Max. 305cm(10’) sq. clip end


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