Environmentally friendly Walex Elemonate sachets for deodorising and cleaning portable camping grey water tanks.

Elemonate – the premium grey water deodoriser and sensor cleaning solution for grey water tanks, to maintain optimum functionality and performance of your grey water tank. Just drop it in and let the unique composition of chemicals do the work!

– Walex Elemonate will freshen your grey water tank – Cleans sensors inside grey tank and drain lines to eliminate odours – Provides portion control and is so easy to use with no messy liquids – just drop it in! – Prevent clogging and bad odours with the latest technology in quick-dissolve tablets – Utilises the same technology as Walex Commando sachets; special enzymes designed to deodorise and dissolve grease and fat particles – Continued use ensures that tanks and lines remain free flowing and odour free – Biocide-free and formaldehyde-free, safe for septic tanks – Zipper bag for easy storage and resealing Manufactured in the USA Specifications: – Pack of 5 sachets