White tent pole holder for use on caravans, campers – 4 sizes available

Save space in the boot and trailer whilst getting the long, bulky items with the potential to break if not stored properly, tidily tucked away. 

Have no fear of damaged or tangled fishing rods and be assured that all your tent poles will get to your destination in one piece.

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Manufactured from UPVC 150mm diameter heavy duty plastic tubing and removable end caps
Simply lockable by removing Quik clips off end pins and adding padlocks
Holds all those annexe tent poles, anti flap kit, fishing rods etc
Can also be fitted to your vehicle roof rack or front and back of caravan and camper trailer
Mounting brackets are included

Manufactured in Australia


PC160 1600 x 150mm dia.
PC180 1800 x 150mm dia.
PC200 2000 x 150mm dia.
PC220 2200 x 150mm dia.


We can design and insert your own dealership logo into the starter pack.

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