This levelling block set really is the ultimate in customisation. With six sturdy blocks, there are almost endless ways to arrange them to suit your needs.

Van almost level, but not quite? One block should be all you need. There’s a bit of a hill? Add a couple more blocks – you might need three or four. Ground slopes away unevenly? Put a block or two under one wheel, and use the others on another wheel. Whatever the terrain is like, you’ll find this set handy and dependable. And once you’re done, simply stack them up and slip them into their own zip-up carry bag.

‘- Six piece set to customise ramp height to suit ground and vehicle – Stacking blocks allow you to build the height and width you need – Weight capacity 3 tonnes – Includes carry bag – Manufactured from HDPE and rubber Dimensions: 215mm (l) x 215mm (w) x 40mm (h)