Imported Sullage Hose


Unfortunately, we do not ship to PO boxes due to logistical challenges.

CODE: ISH2510 | ISH285 | ISH2810 | ISH325 | ISH3210 | ISH385 | ISH3810

Black smooth bore sullage hose with various diameters available. Essential for any caravan fitted with an internal bathroom, so that grey water can be effectively drained without causing any unnecessary blockages and smells.

  • Smooth bore style ensures wastewater is drained quickly and effectively and particles will not block hose
  • Manufactured with reinforced, UV stabilised PVC to reduce risk of holes and leaks
  • Corrugated exterior to allow for tight bending and curling
  • Easy connection to water outlet
  • No fittings installed
  • Manufactured in China
  • ISH2510   | 25MM DIA. X 10M COIL
  • ISH285     | 28MM DIA. X 5M COIL
  • ISH2810   | 28MM DIA. X 10M COIL
  • ISH325     | 32MM DIA. X 5M COIL
  • ISH3210   | 32MM DIA. X 10M COIL
  • ISH385     | 38MM DIA. X 5M COIL
  • ISH3810   | 38MM DIA. 10M COIL