12 different sized, quality manufactured tarpaulins for superior, long-lasting performance, especially in any camping and caravanning application!

Use to set-up a spacious sheltered area on your outdoor adventures time and time again and have peace of mind that it will remain secure and waterproof, regardless of the external conditions.



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Quality manufactured tarpaulin suitable for any heavy duty performance.

Manufactured from 3 layer, cross-laminated XF Film, a specialised Swiss patented film that guarantees the tarp’s strength, reliability and water resistance. With this precise and advanced manufacturing process, these tarps have an impressive quality and performance rating, which is uncommonly found in many other varieties.

3x superior to traditional woven tarps
120GSM fabric but equivalent to a 240GSM poly tarp!

Specifically designed, tested and proven to withstand constant exposure to the harsh Australian climate with strong resistance to peeling and cracking in hot weather.
3 Year UV resistance guarantee
Puncture resistant and high tear strength
Rip-stop material – accidental tears will not enlarge unless considerable pressure is applied.
Ultrasonic reinforced aluminium welded eyelets
Engineered stretch and elongation for pulling tight in any direction
Guaranteed lifetime waterproof
High tensile strength
100% recyclable

Manufactured in India

12 different sizes (see below)

12AXSUP6X8 6 x 8ft 1800mm x 2400mm
12AXSUP8X10 8 x 10ft 2400mm x 3050mm
12AXSUP10X12 10 x 12ft 3050mm x 3600mm
12AXSUP12X12 12 x 12ft 3600mm x 3600mm
12AXSUP12X14 12 x 14ft 3600mm x 4300mm
12AXSUP12X16 12 x 16ft 3600mm x 4800mm
12AXSUP16X20 16 x 20ft 4800mm x 6100mm
12AXSUP16X24 16 x 24ft 4800mm x 7300mm
12AXSUP20X26 20 x 26ft 6100mm x 7900mm
12AXSUP20X30 20 x 30ft 6100mm x 9100mm
12AXSUP22X30 22 x 30ft 6700mm x 9100mm
12AXSUP34X30 24 x 30ft 7300mm x 9100mm


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