Stimex chemical for the sealing and waterproofing of seams, with included brush for application.

Be equipped and ready for any wet weather forecast with a simple waterproofing seam sealer. The contents in your backpack, or your family in your tent or even you in your raincoat will be kept dry and clean!

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– Ensure seams are sealed and waterproof on most of your camping gear
– Can be used on tents, awnings, rucksacks, rainsuits and more
– Especially useful if seams are not tape
– Includes applicator brush

  1. Ensure that seams are clean and dry
  2. Open lid and using the inbuilt brush in cap, apply sealer on the inside of the canvas. This will prevent discoloration due to UV radiation; repeat if necessary.
  3. It will leave a permanently visible protection layer
  4. It is a good idea to test first on a small unobtrusive part of the seam

Manufactured in the Netherlands

Volume: 85ml
Covers approx. 5m of seam



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