Stimex Leak Repair and waterproof repair kit for PVC and vinyl.

Get those troublesome tears and holes patched up fast and effectively and restore the item back to their peak performance. And you don’t have to be afraid of using underwater, so if you have this on hand during your adventure, you won’t be left stranded!

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– Quality PVC and vinyl repair kit for puncture holes and tears. The uses are endless!
– Made with a unique chemical composition that maintains strong adhesion over an extended period of time, despite being exposed to water and moisture.

  1. Simple and easy application: Make sure the surrounding surface of the hole is free of dirt and scaling if necessary wipe away algae scaling underwater
  2. Cut out a round piece of PVC or vinyl and thoroughly apply Stimex Leak Repair to the rough-textured side of the piece
  3. Directly place the piece (underwater) over the puncture hole and apply equal pressure to it until it has fully attached itself after approximately 15 seconds

Manufactured in the Netherlands

Contains: Liquid; 80mL