CODE: 39A – 39D

Australian hard gal. steel tent pegs for multiple camping ground surfaces. Built for secure anchoring in a variety of surfaces. Regardless of the tarp, tent or gazebo size, these premium-grade pegs won’t buckle or bend under pressure and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Designed with a pointed end for easy embedding into the ground. Manufactured in Australia.

– Manufactured from high quality Australian hard gal. steel – Pointed end for embedding into the ground easily Manufactured in Australia 39A | 4mm (dia.) x 175mm (l) (3/16″ x 7″) 39AL | 6.3mm (dia.) x 175mm (l) (1/4″ x 7″) 39B | 6.3mm (dia.) x 225mm (l) (1/4″ x 9″) 39J | 8mm (dia.) x 225mm (l) (5/16″ x 9″) 39C | 8mm (dia.) x 300mm (l) (5/16″ x 12″) 39D | 9.5mm (dia.) x 350mm (l) (3/8″ x 14″)