Foam Annexe matting available in blue, green or grey – cut to size.

Will you be camping at a site where non-breathable matting is prohibited? Do you want idyllic comfort underfoot? This highly sought after annexe matting is made with extra dense material for increased longevity but is scientifically designed to have an exceptional ventilation rate that won’t stifle grass.



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Environmentally friendly, breathable material, no restriction of grass growth or life
Perfect for grassed areas and all campsites
Superb comfort underfoot due to thick but breathable materials
Made from heavy duty 600gsm (standard matting is 450gms) and UV Treated Foamed PVC
Mould and mildew resistant
Easy clean, non-slip surface to ensure sure footing in wet weather and for additional security for elderly people
Allows for grass, sand and dirt to fall through
Enough item weight to stay flat on the ground without pegs and ropes
Packaged in carry bag with carry handle and zipper closure
Ideal for caravan parks where non-breathable carpets are prohibited
Also, use in a tent as a protective groundsheet to prevent punctured airbeds

Manufactured in China

FC2BLUE 2.5m x 3.0m
FC3BLUE 2.5m x 3.5m
FC4BLUE 2.5m x 4.0m
FC5BLUE 2.5m x 4.5m
FC6BLUE 2.5m x 5.0m
FC7BLUE 2.5m x 5.5m
FC8BLUE 2.5m x 6.0m
FC9BLUE 2.5m x 7.0m
FC2GREEN 2.5m x 3.0m
FC3GREEN 2.5m x 3.5m
FC4GREEN 2.5m x 4.0m
FC5GREEN 2.5m x 4.5m
FC6GREEN 2.5m x 5.0m
FC7GREEN 2.5m x 5.5m
FC8GREEN 2.5m x 6.0m
FC9GREEN 2.5m x 7.0m
FC2GREY 2.5m x 3.0m
FC3GREY 2.5m x 3.5m
FC4GREY 2.5m x 4.0m
FC5GREY 2.5m x 4.5m
FC6GREY 2.5m x 5.0m
FC7GREY 2.5m x 5.5m
FC8GREY 2.5m x 6.0m
FC9GREY  2.5m x 7.0m


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