Blue, white wash basin with plug and handles.

When delicate garments need to be hand washed, or vegetables or your hands need to be given a quick scrub, this sink will be all you’ll need. Don’t forget it is also perfect for plates, cups and cutlery or use as an ice bucket!

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Versatile tub with multiple purposes, and can be used indoors or outdoors.
Manufactured from high-grade, food-safe, BPA Free plastic firmly bound to flexible, non-porous silcon.
Includes firmly fitting plug, simply twist open to drain water out.
Sturdy handles make it easy to transport, and won’t give way under the weight of a full tub
Plastic rim and base keep the basket in shape and enhance strength
Innovative, functional design, collapsing down to just 6.5cm, taking up minimal space when not in use. Perfect for campers and caravanners who understand the value of using space wisely!
Easy care and low maintenance

Manufactured in China

320 x 300 x 175mm (h)
Collapsed Height: 65mm


We can design and insert your own dealership logo into the starter pack.

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