Hardcore aluminium screw-in Peggy peg perfect for hard, rocky ground.

The frustration of dealing with the hard, rocky ground is over! Tough ground at the likes of Lightning Ridge & Mt. Panorama is campers’ worst nightmare. But these are built tough to endure solid surfaces so you’ll have neighbouring campers jealous, as you quickly & effortlessly set up a steadfast camp!


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Aluminium tent peg with specific wedge design, which creates a stubborn grip within the ground
Lower part of peg is threaded for grip but more importantly, allows the peg to be released easily.
Comes with a blue rope clip, fully adjustable to suit your anchoring system and depends on how far the tent peg is driven in.

Part of the Hardcore Peggy range, therefore, built tough. Manufactured with unique design features to emphasise strength and flexibility in surfaces such as gravel, road base, and tarmac. And best of all they can be screwed out in seconds!

Over time campers have been tired of hammering away at tough, rocky surfaces to break the ground to drive a peg in or out. Instead they wanted a fast and easy method whilst not compromising on the quality of the strength and tension.
This hardcore Peggy Peg range has been tried and tested on many tough and rough surfaces and was hammered effortlessly into the ground in a fraction of the time taken by other aluminium pegs.

European design, Manufactured in China

Pack quantity: 4

Length: 150mm
Diameter: 14mm
Weight each: 45g
Torque strength 70Nm
Hex head: 17mm


We can design and insert your own dealership logo into the starter pack.

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