This seven pin male flat plug easily connects your car to your trailer, providing safe, sturdy and reliable transportation to your vehicles. The plug is suitable for 12V and 24V applications with the circuits engraved into tough outer casing for increased durability and strength. Suitable for cars, trucks, trailers, caravans, 4X4, etc,.

For use in conjunction with the 7 pin female flat socket.


‘- 7 pin flat connector plug for car, truck, trailer, caravan, 4X4, etc. – Circuits engraved into tough outer casing – Saddle device to secure wiring – Seven pins rated at 15amps at 12V – Suitable for 12V and 24V applications – For use in conjunction with the 7 Pin Flat Socket: > Ideal for use on vehicles with reversing sensors; the reed switch deactivates the reverse sensor while the trailer is connected > Suits all vehicles with normally closed circuits including Holden, Hyundai and after market parking aids > Screw-on gland on the entry end for multi-core cable to pass through into the plug; also holds both outer housing pieces together meaning no tools are required to “open up ” to inspect the wires inside > Internal wires and socket slide (once the outer plastic shielding is beared back) into the brass terminal socket and are fixed in by threaded grub screws > Will only require a small blade flat screwdriver to fix in or remove Manufactured in China Specifications: – 7 pin – Male